Faith Choices

In the gospel of Matthew (Chapter 14) we find the amazing story of Peter and Jesus walking on water.  Jesus invites Peter to get out of the boat by merely saying, "Come".  Shockingly, Peter obediently responded by stepping out of the boat and to his surprise walking on water.  Soon, Peter found that the key to following Jesus was to keep his eyes on Jesus.  This resulted in Peter amazingly walking on water.  Unfortunately, Peter's fear and the wind got the best of him and he began to sink.  Immediately Jesus responded by catching Peter.

We have heard this story so many times that it is easy to miss its relevance in our own lives.  Peter learned that in order to follow Jesus, we must not only listen to His voice but to make the faith choice to obey even when it does not make sense.  He also learned that in order to follow we will always be asked to do something that we can't do in our own strength.  Peter battled with his emotions, his circumstances and most likely (his culture) the other disciples who were probably yelling at him to stay in the boat.  Peter had to choose to either live by faith or to live by sight.

We have the same choice.  Jesus most definately calls us to "Come" and at that moment we will experience a "crisis of belief" about Jesus and about ourselves.  Will we trust Jesus or will we trust what we see?  Faith is truly choosing to follow Jesus by obeying Him regardless of circumstance, emotions or cultural trends.  May we be reminded that in order to truly follow and experience Jesus, we must get out of the boat.  He is always there to catch us even when we fail.  Let's become water walkers and our lives will never be the same!