Living Faith Groups

I am excited to announce a new discipleship process that we are using in our ministry.  The new process which focuses on groups of 2 has the following functions:

1. Character Development and Confession of Sins to One Another

2. Repetitive Bible Reading to develop hunger for the Lord and His Word in our quiet times.  Together, we share what the Lord is teaching us while keeping each other accountable for faith steps of obedience.

3. Praying intentionally for the lost by name.

4. Doing Mission together.

5. Spiritually Multiplying

6. Genuine Relationships

The Living Faith Groups (LFG) will help each disciple grow in following Christ.  As entire books of the Bible are read each disciple will grow in focusing on Christ; the Holy Spirit; the Character of Christ; Faith in Action; Leadership & Spiritual Gifts & End Times and ultimately becoming more effective in sharing their faith in action and words.

The new process makes leading a Living Faith Group (LFG) easy resulting in easier multiplication.  The leader does not teach but rather takes the responsibilty to keep the group on task and focused on the mission.  The only skills needed to be part of a group are: 1. Hunger to grow in Christ and 2. Faithfulness to the process.  If you  would have any interest in finding out how to start a LFG, call Steve (443-235-7650) or e-mail