Activating God's Spirit in us

As believers, we forget the power that exist within us via the Holy Spirit.  I sure do.  We receive resurrection power but choose to live in our own strength.  We try to live the Christian life much like trying to navigate a sail boat with oars against the wind rather than using the sail and letting the wind get us to our destination.  We use candles to light a room rather than turning on the light switch.  If we truly wanted to get to our destination, we would intentionally use our sail and if we really wanted to light up a room, we would intentionally turn the light switch on.  But yet, we have the greatest power in the history of the world living in us and we try to live out our Christian life in our own strength.  How easy we forget the Christian life cannot be lived out unless the Holy Spirit lives His life in us.

There must be intentionality.  We must intentionally yield/surrender our will over to the Lord.  We must intentionally come to Jesus and believe in Him.  We must intentionally take our position in Christ by abiding moment by moment in Him.  It seems to me that the greater we understand our weakness in reflecting Christ the greater the chance we will give up trying and start relying on the Holy Spirit to do it for us.  We have the mind of Christ available to us.  We have the fruits of the Holy Spirit ready to be activated.  Let's stop using candles (our best efforts) and start using the dunamis (dynamite) power of the Holy Spirit.  When we do the world will know we are disciples of Christ and our Father in heaven will be glorified.  Praise be to God!