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Faith Choices


In the gospel of Matthew (Chapter 14) we find the amazing story of Peter and Jesus walking on water.  Jesus invites Peter to get out of the boat by merely saying, "Come".  Shockingly, Peter obediently responded by stepping out of the boat and to his surprise walking on water.  Soon, Peter found that the key to following Jesus was to keep his eyes on Jesus.  This resulted in Peter amazingly walking on water.  Unfortunately, Peter's fear and the wind got the best of him and he began to sink.  Immediately Jesus responded by catching Peter.

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Living Faith Groups


I am excited to announce a new discipleship process that we are using in our ministry.  The new process which focuses on groups of 2 has the following functions:

1. Character Development and Confession of Sins to One Another

2. Repetitive Bible Reading to develop hunger for the Lord and His Word in our quiet times.  Together, we share what the Lord is teaching us while keeping each other accountable for faith steps of obedience.

3. Praying intentionally for the lost by name.

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The Vine and the Branches (Identification)


It is the night of Jesus' arrest.  Jesus has washed the disciples feet; he has shared the "Last Supper" with them; he has told them that He was leaving and that the Father would give them another Counselor (the Holy Spirit); Judas had departed to betray Christ; and now Jesus leads His disciples on the road to Gethsemane.  Most likely Jesus lead His disciples through a vineyard which is where He would share about "the Vine and the Branches." He had saved this teaching to last because of its importance. 

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